Drop the g-word in front of it. Add a + behind it. Whatever you want to call it, the WAYPOINT is our vision of a true Road Bike.
The bike that isn't MTB or beach cruiser, isn't a crit bike or a time trial machine.
The bike for every type of "road" out there.
The bike that gets fenders for the commute to work.
The bike that gets a rack for the grocery store hauls.
The bike that you can point out of town and ride for the next 20 years.
The bike to live life.



Glitter Cannon Waypoint 1.0

As we roll into winter and put a wrap on 2017 we are busily tweaking our bike lineup with new features for the 2018/19 models and slowly retiring older generations from our demo and show bike fleet to live out their lives in forever homes.

This OG Waypoint, version 1.0 from the 2014/15 model year, has served us well for many years and before letting go of we ran it through the PDXTI cosmetic workshop and came out with a fantastic finish that is both traditional and flashy at the same time. No paint, powder, or decals, just the classic anodizing and media etched finish that we love.

What a looker!

Keep your eyes peeled for special clearance deals on our remaining demo and display bikes. Baller @pdxti finish completely optional!  :)

"330 Miles of the Gorge Backcountry" - Gabe Tiller on The Radavist

"330 Miles of the Gorge Backcountry" - Gabe Tiller on The Radavist

The Gorge Backcountry route is a 330-mile loop leaving Portland which encompasses lesser known vistas and lightly trafficked asphalt and dirt ribbons through lush forests, river canyons, and rocky escarpments both north and south of the mighty Columbia River.