titanium all-around bike

IVAN SLCSSCX Anodized + Etched

The lead up to this fun project for a new customer in Utah began 18 months ago when he spotted a PDXTI team bike (this one) in the TRP display at the North American Handmade Bike Show in Salt Lake City. Those wheels! The tan hoods! Those blue iSSi pedals!

With the customer's specifications and some general guidance we developed a plan: a clean and simple belt-drive single speed with a striking finish and tan hoods on the Hylex. When fleshing out the details of the cosmetic finish our customer expressed an affinity for mountains and trees, and handed it off to us.

Mountains and trees figure prominently for us; it is where we live and where we ride.  Of late we have been doing custom finishes with more and more layering of etching, media blasting, and anodizing. With spring splitting at the seams with colored blossoms and foliage around us there needed to be plenty of color. But not necessarily flashy. Instead something bright but not loud, something clean and linear but also varied and marbled, something defined and organized but somehow chaotic. Classy but not boring. And lots of color. But not too tidy, and not too much  :)

We are thrilled with how the bike came out. It is cool and stately but striking; it has mountains and trees and tan hoods; it is dark and bright both; it is kind of everything at once.


Drop the g-word in front of it. Add a + behind it. Whatever you want to call it, the WAYPOINT is our vision of a true Road Bike.
The bike that isn't MTB or beach cruiser, isn't a crit bike or a time trial machine.
The bike for every type of "road" out there.
The bike that gets fenders for the commute to work.
The bike that gets a rack for the grocery store hauls.
The bike that you can point out of town and ride for the next 20 years.
The bike to live life.