All-road bike. Gravel bike. Adventure bike. Commuter bike. Endurance bike. Light touring bike.
With each passing season there are new terms used to describe the WAYPOINT™, our flagship go-anywhere do-anything road bike. We like them all. Use as many as you'd like. We know that in the end you'll just call it Fantastic!

Whether navigating the hinterlands of an exotic destination via GPS or slaloming road cones and potholes on the way to work, the WAYPOINT™ does it all, and does it well.

Pairing modern versatility and utility with the unparalleled performance and durability of a titanium frame, the WAYPOINT™ is an all-arounder at heart. As nimble with a rack and panniers in the city as it is fluid through a countryside century, this bike is ready to explore your world.

The magic of the WAYPOINT™ and its otherworldly smooth ride comes from the sleek geometry at its heart. With a size-specific bottom bracket drop of 75-80mm and supple 440mm chainstays, the frame’s low and long construction gives an efficient and stable stance that is as perfect for all-day gravel epics as it is ideal for urban commuting.

From gliding through a familiar network of neighborhoods streets to exploring unknown backroads on bikepacking adventures, the WAYPOINT™ is as sensible as it is elegant; as utilitarian as it is beautiful; as ready as you are.

"I did a gravel grinder yesterday in Austin... As always my bike was the main attraction." -- Darrin S // Lake Charles, LA

"Being a roadie all my life I’m sometimes surprised at how much fun I have on it. This morning I found myself looking for excuses to ride in the gutters, then rode it down the hard pack beach for 15 minutes, and rallied it back on dirt roads to the house. The bike is very stable when pushing hard in the dirt corners and soaks up bumps, chop and hops with ease. Perfect for a roadie in the dirt. It’s just a great bike and a lot of fun. Never had a problem with the BB height on trails or messing around offroad." -- Joel W // Seattle, WA

"I love the bike so much! I took the long way home last night and am getting ready to head out for a longer ride now. I can't believe the ride quality. It's so smooth and fast, too! I just noticed this morning that it really seems to shed the rainy-weather filth (the PDW Full Metal Fenders help, off course); it looks remarkably clean after about 350 miles of fall commuting. But the most excellent thing is, of course, the ride quality. I feel truly spoiled. It handles crazy well in the wind! So many adventures already with this amazing bike; I'm feeling pretty attached to it." -- Nita G. // Portland, OR