Glitter Cannon Waypoint 1.0

As we roll into winter and put a wrap on 2017 we are busily tweaking our bike lineup with new features for the 2018/19 models and slowly retiring older generations from our demo and show bike fleet to live out their lives in forever homes.

This OG Waypoint, version 1.0 from the 2014/15 model year, has served us well for many years and before letting go of we ran it through the PDXTI cosmetic workshop and came out with a fantastic finish that is both traditional and flashy at the same time. No paint, powder, or decals, just the classic anodizing and media etched finish that we love.

What a looker!

Keep your eyes peeled for special clearance deals on our remaining demo and display bikes. Baller @pdxti finish completely optional!  :)