rEn -- the aristocracy of bloodlines¹; exemplary behaviour of a virtuous individual²; a level of excellence attainable by all³

Titanium bicycles for racing, adventure, and everyday life.

Designed, engineered, and tested in Portland, Oregon.

From the blacktop and back roads of exotic destinations to the familiar streets and trails of your hometown, REN is there with you, both a vehicle for adventure and part of the adventure itself.

Drawing on data and designs tested by Ti Cycles Fabrication, one of the most respected names in titanium bicycles for more than 25 years, REN brings the virtues of premium materials and performance together with the passion and practicality of everyday cycling. Our bikes pack the smooth, responsive, lightweight, durable, weatherproof experience of titanium into a production model with an attractive price point, standard sizing, and plenty of options for customization.

“REN is not far off; he who seeks it has already found it.”
— Confucius

Every REN model is the result of extensive design, engineering, and real world field testing. Our bikes are prototyped and proven here in Oregon, both with traditional shop equipment and at the hands of the Portland Titanium cycling team. Each production frame is built by hand to our specifications, utilizing the same materials, tools, and methods used in crafting award winning bespoke frames. Final quality control and all custom finishing is done in house at our Portland shop.

Our process is informed by hundreds of thousands of miles in the saddle -- from the sweeping expanses of the Great Plains to the dense forests of Europe; from the turbulent streets of our great cities to race courses on pavement and dirt alike. Off the bike, more than a half century of combined bicycle industry experience as frame builders, mechanics, shop owners, coaches, fitters, trainers, racers, and commuters affords us a rich understanding of what makes a great bike.

All of our products are proudly sold both direct to consumer and through a select group of independent bicycle dealers. Through a forward-thinking mixed model of sales and distribution, we are able to support the established Local Bike Shop model that has given millions of cyclists a path to fitness and adventure, while providing that same level of access to quality products to customers living in areas without access to retailers. 

Ride it for the love of it, ride it for life, #rideREN

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