There are many philosophies in business, and across the board Human Resources data from social scientists, economists, and insurance providers confirms that it pays to have an active, fit, and healthy workforce.

Even the most conservative estimates of the reduced healthcare costs, reduced short-term sick leave, and increased productivity in the workplace associated with active employees make encouraging healthy lifestyles a sound business practice.

Benefits of workplace wellness programs for employees:

  • Weight reduction
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Increased stamina
  • Lower levels of stress
  • Increased well-being, self-image and self-esteem

Benefits of workplace wellness programs for employers:

  • Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Decreased rates of illness
  • Reduced employee absenteeism
  • Improved employee relations and morale
  • Increased productivity

Cycling is long established as an ideal activity for increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility, and joint mobility in a low-impact and environmentally friendly way.

As a business and as members of the global community we respect and support a commitment to a healthy workforce across all sectors of the economy. Our Workplace Wellness Partnership Program supports like minded businesses by providing a significant discount on our products for employees of participating companies, part-time or full-time, with no strings attached. There is no additional cost to the employer, no long-term obligations, and any company with 3 or more employees is eligible to qualify.

Please contact us for more information or to register for our Workplace Wellness Partnership Program.

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