Limited Edition REN Stainless Vaccum Pints

Manufactured by GSI Outdoors and designed for the rough and tumble life of the active outdoorsperson, these sturdy and insulated stainless steel pints are available in 17oz Saison and 20oz Imperial sizes.

Special limited edition.

Limted Edition PDXTI 2018 Team Kit by Eliel

Short and sweet: If you love riding bikes and love to be comfortable doing it, a high quality kit will go a long way. Anyone who has spent long, hard days in the saddle knows that a proper chamois and wicking jersey can make a world of difference. And as far as apparel makers go few can rival Eliel Cycling, our friends from California, who have made a name for themselves as purveyors of the highest performance fabrics in the game.

We have an extremely limited stock of the 2018 PDXTI Team Kit available for purchase in the web store now. We have both the Rincon jersey and the Laguna Seca bib shorts available in the fantastic 2018 PDXTI/REN graphic, and these are the same garments that the highly decorated Elite level race team wears.

Available for a limited time, while supplies last.

SSCXWC18BE with S&S Coupled Travel Bikes

Our good friend and Brand Ambassador extraordinaire Seth Patla has an affinity for single speed cyclocross that just might meet the clinical definition of addiction. We wouldn’t necessarily call him a junkie, but he has managed to drag his fellow Brand Ambassador (and wife) Maria into his dirty (literally muddy) habit, at least on special occasions.

Case in point: Having skipped the 2017 SSCX World Championships in Italy, our man in the orange SingleSpeedo packed up his and hers IVAN race bikes, grabbed teammates (and fellow REN Brand Ambassadors) John and Rick, and boarded a plane for the historic homeland of cyclocross and frites for the 2018 SSCXWC in Belgium. Click over to the PDXTI Blog to read up on Seth’s travel reports and check out a host of photos from the trip.

Trips overseas are made infinitely less expensive and more practical with S&S Couplers, a fantastic upgrade that is available for any REN frame. Below find a nifty little set of photos documenting some of the steps for packing the Patlas’ S&S travel bikes.

HIS // 55 IVAN