SSCXWC18BE with S&S Coupled Travel Bikes

Our good friend and Brand Ambassador extraordinaire Seth Patla has an affinity for single speed cyclocross that just might meet the clinical definition of addiction. We wouldn’t necessarily call him a junkie, but he has managed to drag his fellow Brand Ambassador (and wife) Maria into his dirty (literally muddy) habit, at least on special occasions.

Case in point: Having skipped the 2017 SSCX World Championships in Italy, our man in the orange SingleSpeedo packed up his and hers IVAN race bikes, grabbed teammates (and fellow REN Brand Ambassadors) John and Rick, and boarded a plane for the historic homeland of cyclocross and frites for the 2018 SSCXWC in Belgium. Click over to the PDXTI Blog to read up on Seth’s travel reports and check out a host of photos from the trip.

Trips overseas are made infinitely less expensive and more practical with S&S Couplers, a fantastic upgrade that is available for any REN frame. Below find a nifty little set of photos documenting some of the steps for packing the Patlas’ S&S travel bikes.

HIS // 55 IVAN



On the heels of a banner year in 2017, including a 3rd place finish at USA CX Nationals in Reno, our brand ambassador and Portland Titanium race team captain Mitchell Trux is ready to hit the barriers running (pun intended). With his beloved OMEN model being discontinued in order for us to concentrate on its more versatile brother IVAN, we set Mitch up with a hot new race bike for 2018, complete with the "Arrows" anodized/etched graphic that we have used on PDXTI race bikes for the past several years.

With early season CX in Oregon being warm, dry, dusty and fast, we kept the Ivan set up with its summer shoes, the Schwalbe G-One tire, a "gravel" tire with almost unlimited applications, including as a dry season cyclocross tire. The rest of the bike build features the PDXTI sponsor product that we know, love, and use on the vast majority of our builds for racers and customers alike.