Titanium bicycles for racing, adventure, and everyday life.


P   O   R   T   L   A   N   D,    O   R   E   G   O   N

Designed in the spirit of Pacific Northwest cycling, built to last, ready to perform in all conditions.

The APPIA™ loves a 25c tire on a wide rim and the all-around challenges of a stage race. Quick to accelerate and solid on a paceline, this bike longs to best its peers; in 2015 both the OBRA Criterium Champion and the Oregon Gran Fondo KOM winner rode an APPIA™ to the podium.

The OMEN™ inherits the lines of  the WCS-winning Ti Cycles Steilacoom™ and distills a quarter century of Cascadian cyclocross experience into the perfect race bike: aggressive handling, 40c tire clearance, and ground clearance for rugged terrain. A tenacious sibling, The IVAN™, ups the ante with convertible dropouts, Gates Carbon Drive™ compatibility, and accessory bosses for longer trails and summer adventures. Beta-tested for two gruelling seasons with championship riders at international events (Sea Otter Classic, Gloucester GP, SSCXWC) and hometown series (Rapha Trophy Cup, Blind Date at the Dairy, OBRA Grand Prix) alike, both bikes are certified tough. As a bonus, they're keen to wear a 650B wheel if asked.

The WAYPOINT™ is the ultimate expression of the 'road bike' in every sense of the term; gravel road, dirt path, or paved street, this bike loves a challenge. Proven over thousands of miles on terrain as varied as the Gorge Roubaix and the Oregon Outback, and as adept at shuttling around city streets as it is camping in the wilderness, there's not much between the trailhead and the office park that our most popular bike can't handle.


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