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CLASSIC is the default. Custom finishes will add 2-6 weeks to the delivery time.

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The Classic finish is included at no extra charge and is black decals on bright brushed titanium. If that's what you want, just head to Checkout. If you'd like something flashier, we'd love to get flashy with you! Amounts listed below are deposits with the final price contingent on complexity. Select the finish medium you'd like and Add To Cart. If you don't need a parts kit then you're done, head to Checkout. If you want to spec your bike build, scroll to Step 3.

Classic - black on bright brushed

Classic Etched - classic placement, but etched instead of decals. (+$75)

Etched/Anodized - custom graphics in raw titanium. (+$300)

Powder Coat - single color with masked graphics. (+$300)

Full Custom Wet Paint - multi-color, complex, exotic -- the sky is the limit! All wet paint done by Black Magic Paint. (+$500 and up)